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Special excursions from the technical operator of our Conference Agency Quintet:


09.00 – 13.00 Moscow tour. General sightseeing tour.
During the tour the participants will learn what was the first milestone in the history of the city's construction, how it evolved and how it became one of the largest megacities. Comparing the ancient and modern city transformations, you will see the change of different architectural epochs with your own eyes. Participants will go along Tverskaya Street, the main street of Moscow; along Tverskoy and Nikitsky Boulevards, along Arbat Square; will walk around Red Square, the main square of the country, where they’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent views of the Kremlin towers, GUM (state department store), the Historic museum, and Saint Basil's Cathedral; will walk in the area of the Temple of Christ the Savior, will go to the Patriarchal Bridge, will see the Worshipful Submission Hill, and much more.
At the end of the tour, you will surely be able to say that you have seen the most beautiful and important attractions in the capital of Russia.


14.00–17.00 BACK TO USSR
We invite you to visit the truly unique object, the only underground bunker in the world, located at the depth of 65 meters beneath the earth, which has survived to these days, and now is functioning as a museum. Bunker-42 is the forward position and the pride of our Motherland, which had been on its combat alert mission in the heart of the country for 30 years. The vast underground areas and the unusual architecture are the attractions for individual and group excursions to one of the once clandestine military installations of the former USSR.

18.00-19.00 DINNER

The cost for 1 person is 210 €. The minimum number is 15 people. 100% prepayment.
The cost includes: a comfortable bus, an English-speaking guide and meals.

Tour organizers reserve their right to modify the itinerary of the excursion objects visits or to replace them with the equivalent ones, which will not affect the overall scope of the services provided.

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